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CMASA Journal article submission


Manuscript requirements:

Word limits: 1500-3000 words

Provide an abstract in both Chinese and English.

All articles must be in electronic format. Do not accept hand written documents.

Topic area: TCM Academic articles, case study reports, herbal formula studies or discussions, motions of the TCM profession, discussion on TCM classical texts, clinical experiences, acupuncture and Tuina.

Please submit your manuscript by the 30th of June. We do not accept double submissions or the submission of manuscripts that were previously published in other journals. We will respond immediately upon your manuscript submission. Both Chinese and English manuscripts are welcome.



CMASA National office notice:


1,The CMASA website is now fully functional.,
will provide the latest updates on the associate's dynamics, upcoming seminars, application forms and electronic books, journals and literatures, event memos and more

The website will be the frontage of the association and home to the CMASA members.

The website will soon provide advertising functions for members to promote their services, job vacancies and sales of medical equipment’s and products. Forums will also be available for clinical case discussions.


2,Payments to CMASA:

For more efficient treasury management, payments to CMASA such as membership and activities fees will only be processed via EFTPOS, online payment or direct bank transfer. That is NO CASH handlings in the office or at reception of seminars or workshops.

Payment method:

1. Online payment, Direct bank transfer.

2. Deposit cash at a bank to CMASA bank account.

3. Please state your full name and CMASA membership number and Course number.

4. Please email us payment evidence to


CMASA National office operating hours:


• Monday to Friday 10am – 6 pm Sydney time. Our telephone help line hours are 11 am – 4 pm, Monday to Friday. The help line hours are for all enquiries, but the remaining office hours reserved for urgent matters. For seminars, it is a courtesy to arrive on time, and it would also avoid disrupting other listeners.

• Tel: 02-97276831

• Preferred contact(

• In order for us to attend to member affair in a timely manner, please email us for changing of details or new rebate application. Please state your CMASA membership number, full name and reason for email in the subject column.


NSW Branch


NSW Academic Program July 2018:



29/7/2018 (Sunday) 6pm - 10pm


Club Ashfield ,1-11 Charlotte St., Ashfield NSW. (opposite to Ashfield station)


Representative of NSW Chinese Medicine Council


Government legislation and regulations on TCM practice

Course No:



4 points (professional issue)


(Early Bird) member $30/Non-member $40


(Booking before 25/7/2018)


(Standard) member $40/Non-member $50


Member $50/Non-member $60

(registration deadline 25/7/2018)

On site payment card only: (Standard) member $40/Non-member $50





Jo (02) 9727 6831 (Mon-Fri, 1pm-4pm)



Commonwealth Bank

A/C Name:

CMASA Education


062133 A/C NO: 18001600

• Please state your full name and CMASA membership number and

Course number.

• Please email us a prove of payment to

Seminar Preview:

1)26/8/2018 – Course No: N18AU26

Dr. Xiao, Jia Bin:

The study of the Synopsis of Golden Chamber

2)30/9/2018 – Course No: N18SP30

Dr. Fan, Benny:

o Clinical application of acupuncture and its underlying mechanisms in the treatment of menopause.

3)28/10/2018 – Course No: N18OC28

Dr. Zheng, Jack:

o Australia TCM clinical case study.


o CMASA Academic Summit.


VIC Branch


VIC Academic Program July 2018:



29/7/2018 1.30pm - 5:30pm (Sunday)


Building B, level 4,Lecture Theatre 6 (B4.12)

Deakin University Burwood Campus

221 Burwood Highway, Burwood VIC.


Dr. Cui Zhuoming (TCM)


Zhangfu-Radial Pulse diagnosis and its clinical application

TCM Pulse diagnosis is a quintessence of China, and a symbolic feature of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Arterial pulse taking has been practiced for thousands of years and the use of this technique has been extensively used and evaluated by TCM practitioners throughout history, and constantly demonstrated its effectiveness even in today’s modern world. “Ping Pulse diagnosis”, is a system that incorporated the use of both the Zhangfu diagnosis and the conventional pulse technique, to provide accurate clinical guidance in identifying the diseased Zhangfu. In This seminar, Dr. Cui will share his decades of clinical experience in Ping Pulse diagnosis and provide in depth explanations on the clinical use of the system.

Background descriptions:

Dr Cui Zhuoming (TCM), was born in 1955 in Guangdong province, Jiangmen Xinhui City in China. Doctor Cui, was an oncological surgent in China Zhongsan Medical school, and he migrated to Australia in 1987. In 2004, he pursued his further study in his Master research degree in Liaoning Medical University.

For the past 30 years, he was based in Bao Kang Medical Centre Melbourne as primary TCM practitioner and general manager. He also took role in the council of the World Federation of Chinese Medicine Society – pulse research group, and the council of ATCMA. He was awarded the Special Contribution Award and First Award in the 2nd international conference of the World Federation of Acupuncture-Moxibustion Societies. In the past years, Dr. Cui also hosted medical radio program on 3CW of Australia and has made a number of publications in medical journals. In 2017, he hosted the TV program “30 years of clinical experience in TCM pulse diagnosis” - translated on CCTV4, and he is always passionate with charitable public work.


member $25/Non-member $40

Student member: $10.00 (On-site cash payment)


4 points (Formal)


CMASA Vic official WeChat or


Reminder: Members must register their seminars up-front to obtain a copy of the seminar booklet and the CPD certificate. To register, please provide your full name in either Pinyin/English, and your CMASA registration number. Please inform us your full member or a student.


VIC Seminar Preview:

26 AUG:

Wang, Shu Classical formula usage and diagnosis.

23 SEP:

Wang, Qingju: Orthopaedic treatment using Qi Gong


Kang Zhou (TBA)

18 NOV:

Members Summary Conference at the end of Year


QLD Branch

Seminar Preview:

26/8/2018 Dr. Wei, Guoqing:

o Scapulohumeral Periarteritis – Precision acupuncture.

28/10/2018 Dr. Zheng, Sizhong:

o Treatment of dermatological diseases using TCM.

NOV/2018 Legislation and Regulation of TCM practice


WA Branch


WA Academic Program July 2018:


8/7/2018 (Sunday) 1pm - 7pm


Crn of Elderfield Manning Rd Karawara (George Burnett Leisure Centre)


Laws and Regulation of TCM practice, and Professional issues on TCM clinical practice - Professional issues seminar.

This seminar is part of the national seminar tour by CMASA since Dr. Rose Chen being elected as Chief Director. In the earlier part of the tour Dr. Rose Chen and Dr. Chen Bao Long presented this seminar to members in NSW, Queensland and Victoria. Their visit to Western Australia, would allow WA members of CMASA to raise concerns regarding to TCM practice in WA, and after the seminar Chief director and Dr. Chen Bao Long will be joining all members for dinner.



1,Chief Director Rose Chen:

1) Laws and regulations on Advertisement

2) Patient record requirements

3) Sharing of clinical experience on cough treatment


2,Dr Chen Bao Long(TCM):

1) Enquiry section on Patient record taking and prescriptions.

2) Explaining of the English patient record and prescription questionnaire.

Background descriptions:

Dr. Rose Chen (TCM) was graduated from Guangzhou Traditional Chinese Medicine University, and subsequently obtained the Masters of Traditional Chinese Medicine from University of Technology Sydney. Early in the year, Dr. Chen was elected as the Chief director of CMASA; her other roles included deputy director of the World Federation of Chinese Medicine Society-respiratory disease committee, and council member of the gynaecology committee; and involved in key administrative work in ATCMA for more than 20 years. Her clinical specialties are gynaecology, paediatrics, internal medicine and miscellaneous diseases.


Dr. Chen Bao Long(TCM)Is Australia registered Acupuncturist. Bachelor of TCM of Taiwan Chinese Medical University. PhD of TCM of Nanjing Medical University China. Secretory of CMASA-Victoria branch. Secretory of Australia TCM orthopaedics committee. Apprentice to Nanjing’s renown TCM practitioner Shao Ming Xi. Experience in the use of four fingers Tuina technique, acupuncture and moxibustion for muscle and bone diseases.


6 points (4 professional issue+2 Formal)


member $30/Non-member $60


Commonwealth Bank

A/C Name:







DR. Fenghaiyan (TCM)


0469545139 (SMS)

Reminder: For AHPRA and private health fund purposes, CPD certificate will be prepared for people registered for the seminar, so please register prior to the date of the seminar.

WA Seminar Preview:

26/8/2018 Sizhong Zheng:

o TCM treatment of dermatological diseases.

28/10/2018 (TAB)

NOV Legislation and Regulation of TCM practice


SA Branch


SA Academic Program July 2018:


1/7/ 2018 8.30am – 12.30pm (Sunday)


City Medical Centre ,1/80 Grote St, Adelaide SA 5000


precision acupuncture and clinical application – treatment for tennis elbow.


Dr. Wei, Guo Qing (TCM)

Background descriptions:

In 1987, Dr Wei graduated from Guiyang TCM College. He then furthered his studies in the Master of Herbal Research, under the faculty of Pharmacy at the University of Sydney, PHD from the Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine. He worked in Hospital of Osteopathy of Guangzhou TCM University in the HaiZhu District before he came to Australia. In CMASA, Dr Wei was the 1st, 2nd and 3rd General secretariat; the 4th and 5th Deputy Director and General Secretary; then the 6th, 7th and 8th President of CMASA. Currently he is holding following positions;l CEO of CMASA National Office,l The President of St George Cancer Support Group at Kogarahl Vice Chairperson of the Specialty committee of Pain Rehabilitation of World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societiesl The Council Member of Specialty committee of Diagnostics of World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societiesl The Secretariat-general of the Australia Guizhou Fellow Associationl Committee member of Australian Union of Registered Chinese Medicine Practitionersl Visiting Professor of Henan University of Traditional Chinese Medicinel Visiting Professor of Hunan University of Traditional Chinese Medicinel Visiting Professor of Guangzhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine.NSW Justice of the Peace.


4 points (Formal)


member $30/Non-member $40


Dr. Zheng Yu (TCM)

Tel: 0469545139 or Email:



1) During the seminar, please show your courtesy to the speaker by turning your mobile phone off or putting it to silence.

2) Reminder: Members must register their seminars up-front to obtain a copy of the seminar booklet and the CPD certificate. To register, please provide your full name either in Pinyin/English, and your CMASA registration number. Please inform us if you are a student or not a CMASA member or a student.

SA Seminar Preview:



He, Jiahuan – Yingchao Zhao(etc): Massage in TCM clinical practice.


Liu, Jinxiu – Clinical use of Six Division diagnosis and herbal formulas.


CPD annual summary


------------------------------ -------------------------

New South Wale First-Aid training course (delivered in Mandarin)

CMASA is organising a mandarin spokened First-aid advance training class (HLTAID003). This a government approved training course that provides a 3 year First-aid certificate for Tuina therapist, acupuncturist and other medical health practitioners. The First-aid certificate is also one of the basic requirements for becoming a private health fund recognised provider.

Date: 1th July 2018, 5pm

Venue: Ashfield Catholic & Community Club, 1-11 Charlotte St. Ashfield NSW

Renewal (before certificate expire): $150

New student or certificate expired: $180

(limited position, first in first served. registration deadline 28/6/2018)

Payment: use your name as the payment description.

CMASA Bank Account: Commonwealth Bank

A/C Name: CMASA Education

BSB: 062133
A/C NO: 18001600

After payment – send the following to

· A screen shot of the payment receipt

· Your full name as register with CMASA

· Mobile number

On the day please bring the following:


· Original Drivers’ license, Passport or Photo ID

· A photo copy of the above document

· USI number (To obtain a USI number please visit the website:

· The completed pre-class exercise. (the pre-class exercise will be emailed to you once the payment has received)

For more information regarding the course or the renewal of your First-aid certificate, please contact us using the following:

Contact: Zheng Feng (TCM practitioner)



SMS:0411 068 843


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