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CMASA Journal article submission


Manuscript requirements:

Word limits: 1500-3000 words

Provide an abstract in both Chinese and English.    

All articles must be in electronic format. Do not accept hand written documents.

Topic area: TCM Academic articles, case study reports, herbal formula studies or discussions, motions of the TCM profession, discussion on TCM classical texts, clinical experiences, acupuncture and Tuina.

Please submit your manuscript by the 30th of June. We do not accept double submissions or the submission of manuscripts that were previously published in other journals. We will respond immediately upon your manuscript submission. Both Chinese and English manuscripts are welcome.



CMASA National office notice:


1,The CMASA website is now fully functional.,
will provide the latest updates on the associate's dynamics, upcoming seminars, application forms and electronic books, journals and literatures, event memos and more

The website will be the frontage of the association and home to the CMASA members.

The website will soon provide advertising functions for members to promote their services, job vacancies and sales of medical equipment’s and products. Forums will also be available for clinical case discussions.


2,Payments to CMASA:

For more efficient treasury management, payments to CMASA such as membership and activities fees will only be processed via EFTPOS, online payment or direct bank transfer. That is NO CASH handlings in the office or at reception of seminars or workshops.

Payment method:

1.     Online payment, Direct bank transfer.

2.     Deposit cash at a bank to CMASA bank account.

3.  Please state your full name and CMASA membership number andCourse number.

4.  Please email us payment evidence to


CMASA National office operating hours:


        Monday to Friday 10am – 6 pm Sydney time. Our telephone help line hours are 11 am – 4 pm, Monday to Friday. The help line hours are for all enquiries, but the remaining office hours reserved for urgent matters.For seminars, it is a courtesy to arrive on time, and it would also avoid disrupting other listeners.

        Tel: 02-97276831

        Preferred contact(

        In order for us to attend to member affair in a timely manner, please email us for changing of details or new rebate application. Please state your CMASA membership number, full name and reason for email in the subject column.


NSW Branch


  Contact Us

Registered National Office: L1,23 John ST, Cabramatta NSW 2166

Tel: (02) 97276831   Fax: (02) 97278981    Secretary:0431 327 369
Chinese Medicine and Health Journal

Chinese Medicine and Health Journal (ISSN 1447-3321) is edited, published and issued by CMASA. First established in the year of 2000, Chinese Medicine and Health Journal was a joint issue of Australian TCM Journal and Chinese Medicine & Health, and it was also the official CMASA journal. In the initial stage of originating this journal, the two publications were published separately. Australian TCM Journal is mainly focused on academic exchange and further education among TCM practitioners. It was both a classroom for learning experiences and a showroom to a fruitful success of pathways to encounter practical difficulties and problems. ... Read more
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