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CMASA into the Future
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With a history of five thousand years, traditional Chinese medicine came from a nation boasting ancient oriental civilization and landed on Australia—a vast land under the Southern Cross. TCM, as its herbal plants that are beautiful yet magical and ordinary at the same time and are used as medication, is rooted in Australia, blossoming across the country. Twenty years ago, with an increasing number of immigrants from China, CMASA precedents, the first batch of TCM practitioners from Mainland China, unfolded the prologue to CMASA’s progressing into the future.

In March 1999, the Society was re-registered according to the Federal Company Law as a limited public company, and was then officially named as Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture Society of Australia Limited. After 10 years, CMASA, in this multicultural background, has gained its social recognition among various communities with its characteristics including rigorous professionalism, simple yet dedicated academic pursuit, and kind and responsible attitude to serve.

With its Chinese ethnic background from different part of the world, CMASA has gained its social recognition among various communities with its characteristics including rigorous professionalism, simple yet dedicated academic pursuit, and kind and responsible serving attitude. CMASA, over the last decade, has made great efforts to build a platform for communications and academics exchange among, not only its members, also with other professional associations and regulating bodies. It has also participated actively in The National Registration of Chinese Medicine in Australia.

By 2012, CMASA became a recognised professional association for all private health insurance companies such as Medibank, Bupa HCF and AHRG. In February 2013, the Society set up its National office to provide better services to its rapid growing number of over 1,000 members. The mission for CMASA National Office is to be the bridge and pathway for better communication between CMASA non English members with regulatory bodies such as CMBA and private health insurance companies.

Now, CMASA is an Australian nation-wide non-profit organisation with more than 1,000 members, and growing, with offices in New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, Western Australia and the newly established Southern Australia office. All CMASA members are professional Chinese medicine practitioners, acupuncturists and Massage therapists majority from China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, and other Southeast Asian countries, with growing members from Australian graduated practitioners.

CMASA members and the communities have always been regarded as of equally great importance. First Aid training courses are conducted on regular bases in all states and monthly in Sydney for CMASA members and non members from other professional associations. Academic seminars and workshop are organized by all state offices on monthly basis. CMASA National Office also conducted various seminars on professional issues and guidelines implemented by regulatory bodies for its non English speaking members.

CMASA has always been working alongside with affiliated societies namely the Australian Chinese Traditional Orthopaedics Association, Tai Chi Qi Gong and Sino Australian Seniors Association in organising and support local community activities.

In 2000, the Society successfully launched the Chinese Medicine & Health Journal, ISSN 1447-3321. CMASA official website was launched in 2005. In 2007, an official TCM Forum -“Da Yi Jiang Tan” was launched, under which series of high standard professional seminars with renowned Australian and International speakers are invited for speeches and workshops.

CMASA is not only a professional academic society, it is also a big friendly family where both its members and its community are invited to gather and participate not only in academic but also celebrative traditional Chinese events such as the annual Mid Autumn Festival (Moon festival).

In the roads ahead, CMASA will continue its footprints to call for all to passionately welcome tomorrow by displaying its vigorous vitality in a unique way, by interpreting and rendering life in a healthy and sustainable manner, and by eulogizing the essence of this ancient treasure in a tolerant yet sincere way.


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Chinese Medicine and Health Journal

Chinese Medicine and Health Journal (ISSN 1447-3321) is edited, published and issued by CMASA. First established in the year of 2000, Chinese Medicine and Health Journal was a joint issue of Australian TCM Journal and Chinese Medicine & Health, and it was also the official CMASA journal. In the initial stage of originating this journal, the two publications were published separately. Australian TCM Journal is mainly focused on academic exchange and further education among TCM practitioners. It was both a classroom for learning experiences and a showroom to a fruitful success of pathways to encounter practical difficulties and problems. ... Read more
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