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CMASA National office notice
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CMASA National office notice:

For more efficient treasury management, payments to CMASA such as membership and activities fees will only processed via EFTPOS, online payment or direct bank transfer. That is NO CASH handlings in the office or at reception of seminars or workshops.

Payment method:

1.     Online payment, Direct bank transfer.

2.     Deposit cash at a bank to CMASA bank account.

3.  Please state your full name and CMASA membership number and Course number.

4.  Please email us payment evidence to


CMASA National office operating hours:



•        Monday to Friday 10am – 6 pm Sydney time. Our telephone help line hours are 11 am – 4 pm, Monday to Friday. For general and none urgent inquiries please contact the office during the help line hours, as the remaining of the office hours are prioritized for urgent matters. For seminars, it is a courtesy to arrive on time, and it would also avoid disrupting other listeners.

•         Tel: 02-97276831

•        Preferred contact(

•        In order for us to attend to member’s affair in a timely manner, please email us for changing of details or new rebate application. Please state your CMASA membership number, full name and reason for email in the subject column.


NSW Branch


The 11th CMASA NSW council announcement:

On the 4th of December 2017, the CMASA NSW council reform was conducted with anonymous vote. The 11th CMASA council for NSW was successfully generated. Mr. Yu Wu and Mr. Qiu Dong Wang were being successfully re-elected to continue with their current role as Director of NSW, and Secretary of NSW respectively.

Members of the 11th CMASA NSW council:

Jianhua Zheng,Shizong Zeng,Guoqin Wei,Rose Chen,Penny Peng, Hongshi Liu, Benny Fan(Qiao Shi), Shu Wang, Fang Zhen, Qiudong Wang, Weihua Sun, Xuwei Luo, Yu Wu, Yanping Zhou, Yingmin Li, Gary Zhang, David Wu, Yisheng Chen, Veronica Sun, Jianping Liu, Han Liu, Bin Guan, Jianfeng Liu.

2018 NSW Academic Programs:

1)Time: 25/2/2018(Sunday) 6:30pm - 10:30pm

Presenter:Dr. Xu Dong Zhang, Jing Cheng


·        Challenges, opportunities and current stage of TCM research in Australia.

·        IVF, PCOS, and endometriosis.

Venue:          Ashfield Club ,1-11 Charlotte St., Ashfield NSW

Course No:   N18F25

CPD: 3 points(Formal)


(Early Bird) member $30/Non-member $40

 (Booking before 21/2/2018)

(Standard) member $40/Non-member $50


Member $50/Non-member $60 (registration deadline 21/2/2018)

On site, card only: (Standard) member $40/Non-member $50


Contact:        Jo (02) 9727 6831

Remittance: Commonwealth Bank

A/C Name: CMASA Education

BSB:    062133 A/C NO: 18001600

• Please state your full name and CMASA membership number and Course number.

• Please email us a prove of paymentto



·        Rose Chen: Government standards and requirements in labeling and patient records.

·        Hong Shi Liu: Clinical use of acupuncture and needle manipulation

3)15/4/2018 Meng Jie:

·        Slipped disc treatment using “Eight and Ten Needle” acupuncture technique.

4)20/5/2018 Prof.  Shou Ning Lin

·        Current medical research and TCM treatment on chronic stomach disease.

5)24/6/2018 Bin Guan:

·        Clinical practice of massage on pain disorders.


·       Dr. Danforn Lim:  Government legislation and regulations on TCM practice.

 ·        Wei Guo Qing: A new fast and effective acupuncture technique

7)26/8/2018 Jia Bin Xiao:

·        The study of the Synopsis of Golden Chamber

8)30/9/2018 Benny Fan:

·        Clinical application of acupuncture and its underlying mechanisms in the treatment of menopause.

9)28/10/2018 Jack Zheng:

·        Australia TCM clinical case study 

10)NOV CMASA Academic Summit.


VIC Branch 


Members of the CMASA Victoria council:

Wencheng Wang, Kang Zhou, Victor Wu, Paolung Chen, Kaiyan Li,

Yilong Guo, Chenglin Guo, Zhenye Rong, Xiaochi Zeng, Kangxiao Li,

Guang Xiang, Pin Zhang.


2018 Victoria Academic Programs:

Feb:    Legislation and Regulation of TCM practice

Apr:    Yang Hai Yan: TCM treatment of breast cancer

Jun:    JIaping Xiao (TBA)

Aug:   Shu Wang (TBA)

Oct:    Guoqing Wei (TBA)

Nov:   Qingju Wang: Orthopaedic treatment using Qi Gong

Plus two work shop (bilingual)

1, Kang Zhou (TBA)


QLD Branch

Members of the CMASA Queensland council:

Shuyi Zhang, Sam Sun, jianping Zhao,George Sun,Shifu Lu,Yong Lei,Jiabo Huang,Kedi Huang,Xinming Mo, Luan Ling.

2018 Queensland Academic Programs:

25/2/2018   Shu Wang: Clinical usage of herbal pills and granules.

25/4/2018   Xihuan Yan:  Beijing Shuang Qiao Luo style bone setting method.

24/6/2018   Shuyi Zhangi: The use of acupuncture on the treatment of knee joint disease.

26/8/2018   Guoqing Wei: Scapulohumeral Periarteritis – Precision acupuncture.

28/10/2018 Sizhong Zheng: Treatment of dermatological diseases using TCM.

NOV            Legislation and Regulation of TCM practice


WA Branch


Members of the CMASA Western Australia council:

Director:                                Leah Yi

Deputy Director:                Haiyan Feng, Ping Shao

Supervisor:                           Haolong Zhao

Secretary:                              Liwei Zhang

Academic: Manager:     Haiyan Fang

Treasurer:                             Ye Lu

Public Relation manager: Weiming Jiang


2018  Western Australia Academic Programs:

25 February

Shunsheng Liu: Modern physiotherapy in back pain treatment

25 March

Guoqing Wei: How to use patient record software in TCM clinical practice. 

25 April

Xiaobing Huo: Asthma – TCM pattern differentiation and treatment    

27 May

Shuyi Zhang: The practice of acupuncture using Five elementals’ motion and Six energy theory.

24 June  

Haolong Zhao: A review of current TCM physio-pathological research on brain disease

26/8/2018   Sizhong Zheng: TCM treatment of dermatological diseases.

28/10/2018 TAB

NOV               Legislation and Regulation of TCM practice

Members of the CMASA South Australia council:


Director:                   Xiongwen Gu          

Deputy Director:    Xiaoning Li (Nicole)

Secretary:                 Yu Zheng

Management assistant:    Hua Li


2018 South Australia Academic Programs:

March            Shu Wang: Discuss the correlation between patterns and herbs used in classical formulas.

May                Guoqing Wei: Clinical application of acupuncture treatment   on frozen shoulder

                   July                 Limian Wu: (TBA)

September   Jiahuan He,Yingchao Zhao(etc): Massage in TCM clinical practice

October        Jinxiu Liu:Clinical use of Six Division diagnosis and herbal formulas

                   November:   CPD annual summary


NSW   Mandarin First Aid – HLTAID003

First Aid Class:

Contact:        Dr Margaret Wu email: 

WeChat:       Dr Margaret;

Text:               0424633146


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