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New Year Greetings from 11th Chief Director of CMASA - Chen Shu Yi

Dear all member of the CMASA,
Wish you a Happy New Year.

The 11th biennial CMASA national council committee reform was held on the 17th of December. The council now consists of 30 members around the country, and we are now in the vigorous process of exploiting strategies for the better development of the association in next two years.

The aim of the current council is to:


  • Provide better service to all members
  • Seek to improve the right of each profession within the association
  • Develop CMASA into a professional and academically focused association

The council and I will make all efforts to facilitate the growth and development of the association.

Lastly, I would like to wish all members a happy 2018 with better health and much achievement at work.


New Year Greetings from Former Chief Director of CMASA –

Jianhua Zheng

Greetings to all members of CMASA, here I would like to act on the behalf of the 10th board of council to convey our deepest wish to you for a happy, healthy and productive 2018.

It is my greatest honour to be titled as Lifetime Director by the 11th board of the council. The association was established in 1999 by TCM practitioner and acupuncturist who shared the same dream of “better Traditional Chinese Medicine in Australia”. I was given the trust by members to lead the association as the director.  With much help from the council and member of the association in the past twenty odd years, we are now the largest TCM and acupuncture association in Australia. This achievement would not have happened without the endless and selfless support, and tolerance from my associates, colleagues, and council and members of the association, and here I would like to show my greatest gratitude to you all. With your trust I will continue to provide my best to achieve a better future for Traditional Chinese Medicine in Australia. Thank you.



On the 16th of December 2017, members of the council from NSW, Victoria, Queensland, South Australia and Western Australia were gathered in Sydney for the 10th council auditory meeting.  Chief director Mr. Jack Zheng, and directors from each state, Mr. Wencheng Wang (Vic), Mr. Yu Wu (NSW), Mr. Shu Yi Zhang (Qld), Ms. Leah Yi (WA), Mr. Xiongwen Gu (SA), reported their work and their achievements were adopted by acclamation and a unanimous round of applause.


On the same night, the 11th CMASA Chief Director was also generated withanonymous vote. Ms. Rose Chen, one of the renown TCM practitioner in Australia, was elected to be the new Chief Director for the next two years.


Ms. Rose Chen, have had more than twenty years of administrative and

directorial experience with ATCMA prior to the merge with CMASA. She is also well known from the SBS health program, in which she shares her

medical knowledge and clinical experiences with the public on topics such as hypertension, hyperlipoidemia, menopause, Sub-health conditions and more. 


To honour the dedicated work Mr. Jack Zheng paid tribute to the association in the past twenty years, the council decided to appoint Mr. Jack Zheng as lifetime director.


The day after the election, Director Rose Chen conducted the 11th CMASA council meeting and made strategic objectives for the association for the next two years. They are:

·        Incorporate TCM acupuncture practice into the Medicare system.

·        Maintain and stimulate higher level academic programs

·        Assist members to improve professional skills and maintain competitive edge

·        Facilitate communication with government bodies to improve our rights and to facilitate better professional practice.


The council has also made reforms on the regulation and the administrative structure of the association. Members of the council

were appoint with specific roles and responsibilities for more effective collaboration in the next two years.


CMASA Council Appointments

Chief Director:Rose Chen


Deputy Chief Director Yu Wu, Wencheng Wang, Shuyi Zhang,Leah Yi,Xiongwen Gu,Ying Zhang

Chief Executive officer: Guoqing Wei

Chief Secretary:Victor Wu

Deputy Chief Secretary:Yuehua Sun

Academic Manager :Shuyi Zhang

Treasurer: Jianping Liu

Public Relation Manager: Benny Fan(Qiao Shi)

Information Technology Manager:Yu Wu

Legislation and Regulation Manager:Paolung Chen

Journal Editorial Manager:Shu Wang 

Chief Supervisor:Shizong Zeng,Bin Guan

Deputy Chief Supervisor:Ming Chen,Zhijin Li,Chenglin Liu,

Haiyan Feng,Sam Sun,Xiaoning Li(Nicole),Yan Zhang

Supervisor:Xiaoqin Wu,Jine Ling,Yina Wang,Wenbing Zhang,

Xiaocui Zhou,Xiaofeng Luo,Jing Li,Yang Zhang, Jingyuan Wu,

Shu Zhang,Yu Zheng,Hua Li,Limian Wu,Junqing Huang,

Xinming Mo,Yilong Guo,Ran Tao.

Members of the NSW CMASA council:         

Jianhua Zheng,Shizong Zeng,Guoqin Wei,Rose Chen,Benny Fan(Qiao Shi), Shu Wang, Fang Zhen, Qiudong Wang, Weihua Sun,

Xuwei Luo, Yu Wu, Yuehua Sun, David Wu, Jianping Liu, Jianfeng Liu

Members of the VIC CMASA council:

Wencheng Wang, Kang Zhou, Paolung Chen, Kaiyan Li, Victor Wu

Members of the QLD CMASA council:

Shuyi Zhang, Sam Sun, Jianping Zhao,George Sun,Shifu Lu,

Yong Lei

Members of the WA CMASA council:
Leah Yi
,Haiyan Feng

Members of the SA CMASA council:

Xiongwen Gu, Xiaoning Li(Nicole)

Members of the ACT CMASA council:

Ying Zhang 


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